EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

Designed for those of you who like to enjoy the thrill of flying, with a reduced medical requirement.

What is an EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) allows you to fly a light aircraft privately with non-commercial passengers. It's valid anywhere in Europe.

What are the privileges of a LAPL?

On initial issue of a LAPL, you'll be able to act as Pilot-in-Command of a single engined, piston driven (SEP) aircraft, in day visual flying conditions. Additional Ratings can be added to extend the privileges of your LAPL, such as a Night Rating or Aerobatic Rating, on aircraft less than 2000kg.

How long is it valid for?

EASA LAPLs have a rolling validity, so as long as you've done the required twelve hours in the past two years, a refresher training flight and your medical is valid, it'll be valid. If you can't do this, we can provide training to get you proficient and have in-house examiners for proficiency checks.

The LAPL course structure

Flying exercises

1 Familiarisation with the aeroplane
1E Emergency drills
2 Preparation for and action after flight
3 Air experience
4 Effects of controls
5 Taxying
5E Taxiing emergencies
6 Straight and level flight
7 Climbing
8 Descending
9 Turning
10A Slow flight
10B Stalling
11 Spin avoidance
12 Take-off and climb to down-wind position
13 Circuit, approach and landing
12/13E Emergencies (on take-off/landing)
14 First solo
15 Advanced turning
16 Forced landing without power
17 Precautionary landings
18A Visual navigation
18B Navigation at lower levels and reduced visibility
18C Radio navigation

Ground assessments

Aviation law
Operational procedures
Aircraft general knowledge
Principles of flight
Flight planning on performance
Human performance and limitations

Practical assessments

A requirement for the LAPL, the Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL) authorises you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station in a UK registered aircraft.

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The skill test is to demonstrate that while acting as pilot in command (PIC) of the relevant aircraft type you can competently carry out the procedures and manoeuvres that you have been taught during your training course. The skill test is taken with an examiner.

LAPL requirements

Minimum ages

The minimum age to start logging flights is 14 years old. You will be able to fly solo at 16 years old.

Minimum hours

There is a minimum hours requirement of 30 hours to gain your EASA LAPL, which includes 6 hours solo.


The LAPL medical is based on DVLA Driver Standards and only requires you to visit your GP.


Region (European registered aircraft only)EuropeWorldwide
ValidityLicence: 2 Year Rolling
Single Engine Piston Rating: N/A
Licence: Lifetime
Single Engine Piston Rating: 2 Years
MedicalLAPL MedicalClass Two
Additional RatingsNight Rating, Aerobatic RatingMulti-Engine Piston Land Class Rating, Instrument Rating (Restricted) or Instrument Rating, Night Rating, Aerobatic Rating
Aircraft RestrictionsMaximum Take-Off Weight: 2,000 Kg
Maximum Passengers: 3
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 5,750 Kg
Maximum Passengers: 19

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