Steve Olechnowicz

Private Pilot

"I cannot recommend Gamston Flying School enough for anyone interested or wanting to learn to fly."

As a child, whenever we went on family holidays I would be fascinated by the aircraft - it's moving parts, lights, engines. Thanks to my father having a keen interest in science and technology (and indeed flying), he would encourage learning about physics and mechanics. Every couple of months we would go to the viewing gallery at Easy Midlands Airport for dinner to watch flights coming in and out. I was also lucky enough (and am old enough) to visit the cockpit while in flight and sit in the captains chair, that's when I knew I'd love to fly - albeit it would be many years before I could think about training! Some 25 years later I was able to start the journey and I've never looked back.

After visiting Gamston Flying School late one Sunday afternoon to enquire about the PPL course requirements and the process of learning with them, John offered to take me for a Trial Flight. It only took 30 minutes to realise how much I enjoyed being in the air. The next day I was back buying a log book and check list and a few months later I was in receipt of my licence. Everyone at Gamston Flying School is incredibly helpful and supportive - they've assisted me at every stage of my training, having gone on to obtain IR(R) and MEP ratings with them. The school has grown significantly over the 5 years I've been flying, however Tom and John have managed to maintain a very personal yet professional environment - and have certainly got a knack of hiring excellent instructors. Having not trained at other airports, flying schools or clubs - I'm obviously biassed however, I cannot recommend Gamston Flying School enough for anyone interested or wanting to learn to fly.

In the future, I plan more recreational flying, I'd like to take some family holidays by air.

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