Tom Bennett

Professional Pilot

"I had chance to meet lots of new friends and build valuable connections."

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by aviation and how aircraft work. Watching jets takeoff from the departure lounge at airports just amazed me. A particularly memorable experience for me is when I had the opportunity to go into the flight deck with my grandad while we were flying on holiday to Tenerife many years ago and the view was amazing! From that moment, I knew I wanted to fly and dreamed of becoming a pilot. I couldn't wait to start getting involved and started as early as twelve where my first trial lesson was in a Cessna 172 - I wasn't disappointed because from then on, I was hooked!

I first went to Gamston Flying School on my fourteenth Birthday for flight training for the Private Pilots Licence (PPL). My instructor John, the Chief flying instructor, made the course extremely enjoyable and fun because of his enthusiasm to teach and fly. Nearing the end of my Private Pilot Licence training, John asked me if I would like to help out at weekends working on the desk which was a no brainer to me. During my time working at Gamston Flying School on the desk, I had chance to meet lots of new friends and build valuable connections whilst working up my hours for my Commercial flight training. Shortly after completing my Commercial Pilot Licence, I came back to Gamston Flying School as an Instructor for just over one year. It was great to come back and see all the new members and the fast growth in the company. My experience of Gamston Flying School is second to none thanks to the quality service and the extensive knowledge I have learnt. I'm happy to say I have made quality friends for life here over the years, including John and Tom. Even if I am not flying I know I am always welcome to go to Gamston for a coffee and a chat!

I am currently flying the Boeing 737 out of Manchester airport for a large Northern based leisure airline. I absolutely love what I do and most days it doesn't feel like work to me at all - it's just something I'm extremely passionate about! I am also very fortunate to still instruct part time at Gamston Flying School which I love doing if ever I have some spare time.

Eventually, my long term goal is to further my instructor background in my current airline and teach people to fly on the Boeing 737.

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