Nick Spencer

Professional Pilot

"I've made great friends for life at Gamston Flying School, and I know many others who come here do."

I'd always had an interest in aircraft and aviation in general from a young age, but I never thought that I could ever become a pilot when I grew up. The changing factor for me was the opportunity I had to sit in the flight deck of an airliner when I was in the Air Cadets. Watching the pilots work so effortlessly to fly this 200 tonne aircraft around the sky looked so cool it gave me a real incentive to pursue flying as a career.

I had completed my PPL before Gamston Flying School opened, but when it did I remember John, the Chief flying instructor, asked me if I was interested in coming to help out behind the desk during the weekends. I obviously jumped at the chance to be involved and so my connection to the school started from very early on. I did all my flying as a solo renter out of Gamston Flying School and it was fantastic. Great availability of aircraft and a wide ranging choice, from the 2 seat Cessna 150 up to the 4 seat PA28s. The instructors were always on hand to help out wherever they could, answering questions or providing advice, even though I was renting the aircraft to fly without instruction. When I completed my commercial training I came back to the school as an instructor and worked with the team for over 2 years. I like to think the instruction at Gamston Flying School is second to none, but of course I'm biased! I've made great friends for life at Gamston Flying School, and I know many others who come here do so because the atmosphere is so friendly. Learning to fly whether for fun or to pursue professionally should be relaxed and enjoyable, and that in my mind is what Gamston Flying School is all about.

I currently fly the Boeing 737-800 out of Manchester airport for a U.K. based charter airline. I still rent aircraft from Gamston Flying School to keep current, but I would love to come flying more often.

Ultimately I want to build upon my previous instructing background and become a trainer in my current airline. I would also really like to visit the flying school on a more frequent basis, even if I can't fly due to the weather, a coffee and good laugh is always on the cards.

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