Gamston Flying School

We're a friendly and professional flying school based just off the A1 near Retford, Nottinghamshire. We're less than an hour from Doncaster, Sheffield, Newark, Gainsborough, Mansfield, Nottingham and Lincoln. Gamston Flying School opened for business in 2011, but just because we're young, it doesn't mean that we're not experienced! All of our Instructors have EASA Commercial Pilots Licences and we even have our own in-house examiners!

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Gamston Flying School Ltd
Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0QL
P: 01777 838222

Martin Windley

Martin Windley

PPL Student

"What I liked about Gamston immediately was the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere."

Why did I decide to become a pilot?

From an early age I always knew that at some point I would step into the cockpit of an aircraft, it was just a matter of time... My interest and passion for aviation was passed down to me by my Dad; from as early as I can remember he would regularly take me around the major London Airports (where I lived at the time) so we could watch the aircraft arriving and departing - I found it totally fascinating! From there on out it just grew and grew; going to air shows, museums, even down to watching aviation based films and TV shows - if it was anything about aviation I would read/watch it! As for why did I want to become a pilot - it's varied, the 'office' is pretty cool and the views are simply astonishing!

My training at Gamston Flying School...

When it came down to selecting a school with which to begin my training, I shortlisted and visited a few. What I liked about Gamston immediately was the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere - nothing was too much trouble they took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions (and there were a few!) in great detail; all of the staff and instructors are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. It was an easy decision for me in the end - Gamston Flying School it was to be. The facilities themselves are great and they have a nice, varied fleet of aircraft. The airfield is surrounded by a mix of controlled and uncontrolled airspace (great for building experience) and has a nice long tarmac runway which is great for year-round flying! The guys also organise regular fly always to other airfields which are a great way to gain different experiences, meet other members and are suitable for students of all levels and licence holders alike - I've personally been on a few now and they're great.

What am I currently doing?

As I write this I am just over 18 hours into my training for my PPL. I have also passed 3 of the required 9 written exams and am in the process of studying for the next 3. I have flown solo in the circuit and am about to embark on some dual (then on to solo) navigation work.

What are my future plans?

Short term my plans are to complete my PPL and Night Rating by the end of this year (2017). From there I plan to start studying toward my ATPL exams so I can perhaps look at instructing to gain more experience and build hours whilst ultimately working toward my (F)ATPL licence.

Other Customers

Steve Olechnowicz

PPL Holder

"I cannot recommend Gamston Flying School enough for anyone interested or wanting to learn to fly."

Debs Eastwood

PPL Holder

"I have nothing but praise for Gamston Flying School."

Callum Burns

PPL Holder

"Without the help at Gamston Flying School, I wouldn't have the knowledge and experience I have today."