Gamston Flying School

We're a friendly and professional flying school based just off the A1 near Retford, Nottinghamshire. We're less than an hour from Doncaster, Sheffield, Newark, Gainsborough, Mansfield, Nottingham and Lincoln. Gamston Flying School opened for business in 2011, but just because we're young, it doesn't mean that we're not experienced! All of our Instructors have EASA Commercial Pilots Licences and we even have our own in-house examiners!

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Gamston Flying School Ltd
Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0QL
P: 01777 838222

Debs Eastwood

Debs Eastwood

PPL Holder

"I have nothing but praise for Gamston Flying School."

Why did I decide to become a pilot?

I only got introduced to the world of flying light aircraft 2 years ago and from my first flight I knew it was something I wanted to do – I was hooked!! I’d always enjoyed commercial flight so the prospect of being able to fly a light aircraft for myself was exhilarating. I like a challenge and being a pilot is certainly that! The rewards are huge and go much further than the amazing views from the cockpit. It’s an incredible feeling to take off from your home airfield and land somewhere else. There’s a great community spirit where most people are more than willing to share their own stories. I’m looking forward to flying abroad in the near future. It feels great going to your own plane nearby the major airlines as well as avoiding long baggage queues and lining up for customs checks.

My training at Gamston Flying School...

I started my training at a different airfield and moved to Gamston Flying School for logistical reasons before I had managed to fly solo for the first time. It was a challenging time to change schools both for me and my new instructor but the team at Gamston Flying School handled it very smoothly. After only a further 3 hours instruction I experienced the all-encompassing buzz that comes with taking to the skies solo for the very first time. It still makes me smile now! I graduated quickly through the navigation flights with the support of the top quality instructors and was soon flying away from the airfield on solo navigation exercises. They responded to my individual flying needs prior to my skills test so that I felt ready to take and pass the test that would give me my first flying qualification. The support and friendship doesn’t stop once you have your PPL. All of the team there will go out of their way to answer questions and help new pilots like me to continue their aviation journey. As well as the practical instruction and support there is a wealth of back-up available at Gamston Flying School. They have great briefing room facilities and an excellent member’s area website where you can check your progress whilst training, book lessons or post PPL rental slots online and check the local weather. There’s also a Gamston Flying School Community Facebook page and What’s App group to publicise fly-aways, community meeting and other events plus just facilitating chat with fellow pilots.

What are my future plans?

Loads of them!! Confidence and hour building are the starting points for me now I have my licence. I’m planning land-aways at different airfields near and far, I’ve started a night rating and differences training so I can fly a different type of light aircraft to that which I trained in. Once I’ve got a few more hours under my belt I want to do my Instrument rating so I can fly safely in cloud, pretty essential for UK weather!! Best of all I can achieve all of these with Gamston Flying School. Thank you to every one of you at Gamston Flying School – keep up the good work – it means a lot.

Other Customers

Mark Brookes

PPL Holder

"Their friendly, fun approach made my experience unforgettable."

Nick Spencer

ATPL Holder

"I've made great friends for life at Gamston Flying School, and I know many others who come here do."

Tom Bennett

fATPL Holder

"I had chance to meet lots of new friends and build valuable connections."