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We're a friendly and professional flying school based just off the A1 near Retford, Nottinghamshire. We're less than an hour from Doncaster, Sheffield, Newark, Gainsborough, Mansfield, Nottingham and Lincoln. Gamston Flying School opened for business in 2011, but just because we're young, it doesn't mean that we're not experienced! All of our Instructors have EASA Commercial Pilots Licences and we even have our own in-house examiners!

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Gamston Flying School Ltd
Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0QL
P: 01777 838222

Callum Burns

Callum Burns

PPL Holder

"Without the help at Gamston Flying School, I wouldn't have the knowledge and experience I have today."

Why did I decide to become a pilot and why?

I adopted the ambition of a career in aviation around 10 years ago at a relatively young age - it was one of those "you know when you know" moments. Having doing the research on how to achieve my ambition, it occurred to me that there was a lot of work involved and seemed like a very ambitious goal to achieve. I actually started my initial Private Pilot Licence training at a flying school elsewhere before shortly moving to Gamston Flying School. After my very first flight in February 2013, I knew I had the "Aviation Bug". I was hooked on the buzz of defying gravity to see the world from a different perspective. As my flight time and experienced increased, so did my love for aviation.

My training at Gamston Flying School...

At Gamston Flying School, you get a very warm welcome every time you walk through the door which adds to the unforgettable experience of flying with their crew and aircraft. Being an ex-student that has experienced two different flying schools, it is easy for me to say that the standard of training at Gamston Flying School is impeccable from start to finish. I started at Gamston Flying School in February 2014 and have been a member with the school ever since. Also, I obtained a job in the Operations Department to help fund my flying lessons. I joined the school with around 20 Hours flying time and since then, I have added around 190 Hours to my flight time with Gamston Flying School and intend on doing many more! It is worth mentioning that your aviation knowledge still continues to grow after obtaining an initial licence at Gamston as the crew at the School are very knowledgeable and trustworthy Instructors.

What I am currently doing...

After completing my PPL Licence, Night Rating, Restricted Instrument Rating and Hour Building with Gamston Flying School, I am currently at the other end of the country in Bournemouth studying an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)A. Needless to say, without the help at Gamston Flying School, I wouldn't have the knowledge and experience I have today.

What are my future plans?

Like many other students at Gamston Flying School, I aspire to obtain a career as a Professional Pilot in the near foreseeable future. Gamston Flying School has seen many current Professional Pilots through their training from start to finish, and hopefully they will see one more!

Other Customers

Nick Spencer

ATPL Holder

"I've made great friends for life at Gamston Flying School, and I know many others who come here do."

Steve Olechnowicz

PPL Holder

"I cannot recommend Gamston Flying School enough for anyone interested or wanting to learn to fly."

Martin Windley

PPL Student

"What I liked about Gamston immediately was the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere."